Bettina Bader

Bettina Bader studied Egyptology at the University of Vienna where she graduated with both an MA (1997) and a PhD (2004).


1999 – 2006 Work on various projects in the frame work of the Project Sciem 2000 (Synchronisation of Civilisations in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2nd Millennium) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
2006 – 2007 University of Vienna with the third-party funded Project: Tell el-Dabca/Avaris (Egypt) and its Environment in the late Middle Kingdom (ca. 1800–1700 BC) Economy – Immigration – Acculturation.
2007 – 2009 University of Cambridge, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research as Intra European Marie Curie Fellow with the Project A Bridge to Canaan
01/2010 – 3/2010 „Salvage Field School Project“ in the Luxor-Temple conducted by „Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA)“ under Dr. Mark Lehner. This salvage campaign concentrated on the medieval tell remains at Luxor (Egypt) and is a co-operation with the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Organisation of ceramic processing and teaching of Egyptian Antiquities inspectors.
2010 – 2012 Principal Investigator in an Elise Richter Fellowship at the University of Vienna, with project V147-G21 Foreigners in Egypt – The Archaeology of Culture Contact in an Egyptian Settlement
2012 – 2013 Assistant Professor at the Institute for Egyptology, University of Vienna, temporary post. Regular teaching in Egyptian Archaeology and Art history.
2013 – 2014 Continuation of Elise Richter fellowship, to the planned end
Since 2015 Principal Investigator of START-Project Beyond Politics: Material Culture in Second Intermediate Period Egypt and Nubia hosted by the Austrian Science Fund, Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology, Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Field Projects

since 1994 Excavations at Tell el-Daba (Austrian Archaeological Institute) directed by Prof. Dr. Manfred Bietak, since 2009 by Dr. Irene Forstner-Müller.
1996 – 2000 Post-Excavation Work at Kom Rabia (Egypt Exploration Society, London), directed by Janine Bourriau, Fellow of McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge, UK.
1998 Excavations at Lisht/Dahshur (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), direction of Prof. Dr. Dieter Arnold, Egyptian Department of the MET, NY.
since 1999 Excavation at Herakleopolis Magna (Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Madrid) directed by Dr. Carmen Pérez-Die, in charge of ceramic analysis.
2000 Excavation in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor (University of Durham) directed by Dr. Nick Reeves, Curator of the Egyptian Collection of Eton College .
2011 – 2015 Thutmosis III Funerary Temple Project, Theban West Bank, Luxor (University of Granada) directed by Dr Myriam Seco Alvarez, in charge of ceramic analysis.
Since 2013 Excavations at Deir el-Barsha (University of Leuven) directed by Prof. Dr. Harco Willems, ceramicist concentrating on First Intermediate Period and early Middle Kingdom pottery as well as on Second Intermediate Pottery


A complete list of publications can be found at

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